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Growtech Fair 2019 Has Started!

Growtech Fair 2019 Has Started!

GROWTECH, which is known as the leading fair of the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, is gaining respect and importance in the international market every year and growing steadily compared to the previous year. GROWTECH is the most effective, productive, meeting point that satisfies the visitors and the sector, the fair opens its doors for the 19th time between 27-30 November 2019 in Antalya. One of the biggest features of the fair is that it brings together almost every part of the sector with exhibitors and visitors in a single fair. Seed, Greenhouse, Irrigation Equipment and Technologies - Plant Nutrition, Conservation and Production - Tractor and Agricultural Machinery and Livestock departments are presented to all those in need at the fair.

Last year, growtech fair brought together 544 companies, 167 of which are international, 634 brands and 86,780 visitors from 120 countries at the 50,000 m2 Antalya Expo Center. Companies from China, South Korea, the Netherlands and Spain participated in the fair every year and Hungary companies were added last year. Greenhouse, Agricultural Technology and Livestock Equipment Fair Growtech, the farmer who harvested the soil from the farmer to a considerable point in the world has come to a large point of exhibitors and visitors from all sectors brings together.

Growtech, which is the Greenhouse, Agricultural Technologies and Livestock Equipment Fair, brings together all the participants and visitors from farmers who hold their land to large companies that have reached a considerable point in the world. More than 850 leading companies and brands from over 30 countries and more than 90,000 professionals from 130 countries are expected to attend the fair which will be held this year.

For the first time at the fair, there will be seminars and panels to be held with the support of non-governmental organizations, associations, unions and universities. In addition, a “Purchase Delegation Program" will be organized under the coordination of the Western Mediterranean Exporters Union in coordination with the Ministry of Commerce. The aim of these activities is to develop trade and to enable the companies to meet their business partners through bilateral meetings with potential buyers and end-point decision makers from neighboring countries.