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About Company

Striving to establish the standards of a better life, Hes Brand Group was founded in 2011. Hes Brand Group, which started its journey with Hes Design, a locomotive company headquartered in Turkey and Germany, incorporated Hes Marker in the same period in line with the needs of its stakeholders and business partners, and established Hes Markt and Hes Motors in 2020 in order to carry out its development process with more robust steps by intensifying its acquisitions from its stakeholders in different sectors with its own commercial experience.

Hes Brand, which provides digital and creative agency services under the same roof, Hes Design, which plans and manages architectural projecting ,application services and event and fair operations, Hes Motors, which provides services on your corporate and brewery vehicle buying and selling needs and Hes Markt, which provides consultancy services in the field of e-commerce and e-export to the outside world, and Hes Brand Group, which operates in 4 main sectors, also aims to grow with its new investments in domestic and international food and construction sectors outside its current fields of activity.

In addition to its activities spread in many cities of Turkey, Hes Brand Group, whose head office is in Istanbul, has started its international activities since 2012 and increasingly focuses on its activities with its stakeholders in many sectors it serves in many countries of Europe, especially its head office in Germany, as a global investor.


Behind the success of Hes Brand Group is a dynamic human resources and accessible sectoral network resource in addition to being human-oriented, making investments in this direction, and a management approach focusing on service efficiency. Hes Brand Group examines the cooperation and investment opportunities that it believes will be beneficial for the country's economy and evaluates its wide network of services, information and cooperation in the best way to achieve its goals.

Integrating the principle of respect for labor, trust in human beings, unconditional compliance with transparent and internationally accepted laws and principles with basic communication and honest approach, Hes Brand Group also offers this structure in the products and services it produces with its understanding of instant compliance with rapidly changing technological advances.



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