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About Hes Motors

Hes Motors, one of the new expansions we have added to our body, started to serve professionally and institutionally in 2020 on this road we started under the roof of Hes Brand Group.

Hes Motors started its operations by offering a wide service network differentiated by the self-confidence, professional staff and new technological structuring provided by the founding partners of Hes Brand Group company for many years in the automotive sector.

 All our behaviors and business principles are shaped within the framework of laws and ethical values and refer to safe shopping within the framework of transparent, fast, practical and fair relations with our business partners and suppliers.

Hes Motors aims to make a difference in the shaping of all vehicle purchasing services by entering into structuring based on the change in today's vehicle purchasing trends and purchasing behaviors. In addition to corporate companies, there are also individual white-collar consumers in the target customer base who are thinking of buying a vehicle in accordance with their budget that will add quality to the comfort of life and make a difference in this sense and who cannot find time for this. Hes Motors offers various solutions to this target audience.

In any part of the vehicle exchange and rental experience, technical and consultancy services are always provided, and a wide range of services are offered, ranging from the extensive experience of its expert and experienced staff to the exploration of commercial and marine vehicles.

HES MOTORS aims to increase its services above quality standards, to ensure customer satisfaction and to provide the most accurate service
Taking into account all the expectations of the target audience, our company, which develops its products and services, offers qualified operational services from the accessories you want to add your personal touches to, to the purchase and licensing of your customized license plates, to the researching of all marine and land vehicles that serve your aesthetic tastes and needs and determining the price in accordance with the market supply demand, controlling their suitability, conducting sales and purchasing operations.


  • Purchasing and selling and valuing zero-, second-hand automotive and marine vehicles
  • Imported vehicle research and supply
  • On-site paint body expertise services of fleet vehicles
  • Personal and administrative license plate consultancy
  • Vehicle brand consultancy services,
  • Technical information support services,
  • Intermediary services for fleet leasing,
  • Market research of marine and land vehicles,
  • Brokerage service in all private and commercial automotive, land and sea vehicles that are most effective and fully meet your needs.




Walking to create new business types for future.