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About Hes Markt

Hes Markt, HESMARKA Group organization,

was founded in April 2020. Starting its field of activity with home and life related design products, Hes Markt is an e-commerce company that aims to expand day by day by day by considering the changing consumer needs and to set the right strategies, to take place in the market with products above expectations and to grow without compromising on quality and honesty, which is seen as the basic principles.

With Hes Markt's dynamic structure that keeps up with the trends of today's world and adapts quickly to the new world order and Hes Design's experienced technical staff and design power for many years, Hes Marker has rolled up its sleeves to quickly take its place in the e-commerce retail sector with its marketing and branding strategies.

Aiming to achieve excellence in its products in parallel with the marketing and after-sales service organization established to provide the fastest and most accurate service to its business partners and customers, Hes Markt aims to reach all over Turkey and Europe with its qualified project  team and effective customer satisfaction policy. Hes Markt, whose foundations are based on Hes Design, which has companies located in Turkey and Germany, continues its efforts to keep its name alive in the future with its innovative approach, competitive structure and quality with its principles and values, the care it shows to its standards and human health. 

As Hes Markt, the products we offer for sale on our website are user-friendly, practical and functional and designed to meet the life needs you will need in your home life.

Keep basic, go creative! 

Walking to create new business types for future.