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Public Relations

"What is public relations?" Sounds like a very clear question to ask. Many people think they know the answer, but you can be amazed by the many answers you get from people with PR.

Although it is seen that companies perform this service in-house, HESmarka advertising agency will add value to your brand with the strategies developed by real professionals.

When we look at the last decade, it is seen that Google also has a strong media profile. Press services give your brand a very important development chance. In this way, your commercial value will become more visible on the Internet.

hesmarka public relations

How Can Your Brand Benefit From Public Relations?

The three main elements of PR service are; brand, reputation and sales.

Good media relations can raise a company's brand awareness. But brand awareness alone can be good or bad. A good PR practitioner therefore focuses on reputation management. Where brand awareness alone does not leave the desired impression, we can help change the perceptions of customers and other stakeholders by building strong reputation management.

Media relations can increase sales at the same rate. Both directly by raising brand awareness and indirectly through the reputation created. We increase the visibility of your brand on the internet by means of special methods except searches made by special brand writing. This endpoint has a very complex procedure. Therefore, there is a special SEO PR page on our site.

A good public relationship management campaign is such that simple marketing communication cannot provide; your mission, your vision and your values ​​will convey the chance to transmit to the other party.