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HESmarka offers various services for your company and brand, if you like to learn more and keep up to date we can contact you.

Event Design

Within the scope of HESmarka Event Design Service we offer solutions that allow participants to have fun while providing the promotion of your brand in organizations, fairs, events and festivals. We are designing digital and promotional activities that are integrated with social media especially for fair event areas from scratch.

Organize events that will remain in mind thanks to the technological and interactive experiences we offer to you under the roof of HESmarka. Equipped with the latest generation technologies that are the world's trends, our devices will be presented to our participants with special fictions.

Our main Event Service applications that will add color to your brand and event are;

  • Virtual Reality,
  • Interactive Experiences,
  • 360 Video Production,
  • Interactif Wall,
  • Augmented Reality,
  • and many more tailored personalized activity ...

Our team will be with you at every step while editing the special project for your brand. From editing to 360 video footage, installation to post production, HESmark aims to be your solution partner.

If you want to be a company whose activities are drawn by the participants, you can contact us any time for HESmarka Event Design Service.