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Euroshop is one of the leading fairs of the retail sector, which includes 8 different sectors in Düsseldorf. Euroshop Düsseldorf, which will open its doors between 16-20 February 2020 this year, is a fair that has become an indispensable part of the retail world by hosting a wide area of ​​the sector.

Fair covers lots of areas such as; store construction, store fixtures, lighting technology, industrial refrigerators, freezers, franchising, display, advertisement, advertising media, commerce, lighting technology, security systems, architecture, marketing, communication media, event marketing, digital marketing, showcase materials. Because of these reasons Euroshop Düsseldorf fair has great importance for exhibitors and visitors. Exhibitors and visitors get the chance to get information about a wide range of denominators of the industry, while they have the opportunity to expand their communication network with the industry's leading companies and business partners.

Hes Design will participate in this important fair that will take place in Germany with its business partners. We recommend that everyone to visit the fair who does business in the retail sector and we would like to state that we will be pleased to share our experience and knowledge with the companies that intend to participate in this year and in the coming years. If you are planning to take your place at Euroshop Dusseldorf 2020, do not hesitate to reach us via the contact form.

Hope to see you there!