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HESmarka at the World's Leading Furniture Fairs

HESmarka at the World's Leading Furniture Fairs

Although furniture is a product used in all areas of daily life, it has also started to be accepted as an indicator of welfare level over time. In this context, changes in income level and living conditions, furniture produced according to different economic conditions and DIY (do-it-yourself) furniture have attracted unreachable products to consumers at their own level due to the price difference in the sector have become the most determining factors in the development of the market. The furniture sector has experienced a rapid globalization in recent years with the abolition and easing of borders in the world through customs and trade agreements, technological innovations in production and design. This is the result of global production networks established by large manufacturers and retailers who want to reduce costs, especially in a highly competitive environment.

The export portion of the 200 billion dollar furniture trade is distributed to 70 countries. North America and Europe are the regions with the highest volume of purchases, as well as the largest exporters of furniture manufacturers to raw materials. On the other hand China is the country that exports the most furniture to the world. Turkey was ranked 20th in the world among countries engaged in furniture exports in 2018. The largest portion of our exports was to Iraq and Germany.

IMM Cologne Furniture Fair

The world's leading furniture and interior design fair IMM Cologne is held annually in Cologne, Germany. IMM Cologne furniture fair will open its doors on January 14 this year. The main focus of the fair, which is held at the Kolnmesse exhibition center, is contemporary furniture and interior design, as well as innovative materials, fabrics and the latest architectural lighting design technology.

International Furniture Fair - Istanbul

More than 600 domestic and foreign manufacturers are expected to participate in the International Furniture Fair in Istanbul between January 21-26.

Milano Furniture Fair

SALONI MILANO Milano Furniture Fair is the largest and most prestigious exhibition of its kind in the world, held annually in Milano. Furniture manufacturers and designers from all over the world exhibit the latest trend products. SALONI MILANO Furniture Fair will open its doors on April 21 this year.

You should visit IMM Cologne Furniture Fair, Milano Furniture Fair and International Furniture Fair - Istanbul if you are curious about the new trends in the furniture sector. HESmarka will be at these fairs with collaborating partners, providing unique fair stands and organizational support for the event.

While eliminating the difficulties for you to participate a fair in a different country, we make your company one step ahead of your competitors with the privilege of HESmarka. We are with you at every stage from the moment you plan to attend the IMM Cologne Furniture Fair, Milano Furniture Fair and International Furniture Fair - Istanbul to the dismantling works at the closing ceremony. For those and many other reasons, you can choose HESmarka Fair Stand Service in Turkey, Germany and the United States.

If you are planning to take your place at IMM Cologne Furniture Fair, Milano Furniture Fair and International Furniture Fair - Istanbul, do not hesitate to reach us via the contact form.