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Portuguese State Supports EVTEKS

Portuguese State Supports EVTEKS

EVTEKS, one of the two largest home textile fairs in the world, will open its doors on April 21-25, 2020.

The Portuguese State decided to support the 26th textile fair this year and encouraged the Portuguese companies to participate.

“Home From Portugal" manager Maria Alberta Canizes made a speech at the special dinner for Evteks and stated that the Portuguese State would provide state support to the home textile producers who will participate in the fair and that the Portuguese companies welcomed the state's support for the EVTEKS.

The annual dinner organized by "Home From Portugal", was attended by companies whose manufacturers had a significant impact on Portugal's home textile market. CNR Holding was the special guest of this important event. CNR Holding made the presentation of EVTEKS 2020 to the guests. It was decided to increase the cooperation of home textiles trade between Turkey and Portugal.

CNR Holding's international sales and marketing team visited important Portuguese home textile companies and stated that they will continue their activities in countries all over the world such as USA, China, India and Russia in order to promote and market EVTEKS internationally.