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Public Relations

‘What is media relations?’ sounds like an obvious question to ask and one that many buyers will know the answer to, but you will be surprised at the wide range of answers you get back from PR people.

Media relations is the planning, management and or delivery of engagement with journalists on behalf of a business or individual.  This can be delivered in house or independently, but often delivered by PR agencies like ourselves. The outcome is usually press coverage that delivers a message, or helps secure an outcome for an organisation or person.

However, over the past decade it has become apparent that Google has looked more favourably upon businesses that have strong and positive media profiles. Succinctly put: press coverage, and the links within articles, can boost website visibility for non-brand search terms in Google, many of which are commercially valuable.


The three main outcomes are brand, reputation and sales.

Good media relations can increase brand awareness of a business, but of course brand awareness alone can be good and bad.

This is why a good PR practitioner focuses on reputation too. By building a strong reputation we can help change perceptions of customers, stakeholders other audiences, by creating desired outcomes that can’t be derived from just brand awareness alone.

Media relations can also drive sales too. Both directly by building brand and reputation with customers but indirectly too. By building links into a website that increase its non-branded search visibility. This last point is very complicated and why we have a dedicated SEO PR page on our site, if you want further reading.

A good media relations campaign will communicate your mission vision and values in a way that simple marketing communications simply can’t.