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HESmarka offers various services for your company and brand, if you like to learn more and keep up to date we can contact you.

Web Design

The right web design can act as a powerhouse for your business online. Sadly many website designs seems to be all style and no substance. At HESmarka we know a good website needs to put three things at its heart.

  • Your business objectives and goals,
  • Your target audience,
  • Your marketing online.

We want you to be successful online and having the right design is critical. HESmarka work with businesses, government departments and third sector organisations to create websites and web applications that look good and deliver results.

Having designed, built and marketed websites for over a decade, we have a highly experienced team that understand what works well for website design but always take a consultative approach to make sure this knowledge is applied correctly to your organisation and sector.

Our Web development service provides website and web applications to the clients.

These services helps to increase revenue, improve customer reliability, boost stock value, improve partnerships and increase communication flow.

We keep our services updated to the highest quality of industry standards.

Our main focus on the websites we create and design:


It is essential to have an impressive landing page. We make sure that the first impression your customers get from the website make your prospective customers or your returning visitors.

Web Content

An effective content strategy for the website is key to making visitors stay on your website and not bounce out. We will consult with you and come up with the best content which reflects your business’ ideas and purpose.

Website Usability

A very important aspect which we really care about is the ease of access and a clear understanding of your website content and overall site navigation. We design every website user-friendly.


A website is a one-way interaction, hence each and every component of it should work quickly and correctly. Delayed or poorly constructed website will create a disillusion about the company, and will also frustrate the users.

Responsive Websites

The Website should be Responsive. Today people are mostly on the move. Hence they prefer checking the websites on their cellphones. Hence the website should be mobile compatible. We offer a responsive website so that your customers can even browse your website while on the move.

Search Engine Optimization

Every website needs to be made visible. A website once completed, has to come on the top ranking positions on the search engines. This need regular updates and efforts. Our SEO services have proven results. Please visit our SEO services for more details.